Project Activities

The CATISA project activities are divided into two sub-projects with the overarching theme focusing on breeding and value addition.

Sub-Project A will focus on the identification of cassava varieties meeting farmer’s preferences for multiplication and participatory breeding while.

Sub-Project B will focus on product development: from safety to quality to public policies for production and commercialization.

Some of the main activities identified by the CATISA partners under these two sub-projects include:

  • Identification of superior germplasm (e.g. high-yielding, high root starch content, high resistance towards pest and diseases) in farmers fields to be used for plant multiplication, distribution, product development and as sources for breeding
  • Identification of superior germplasm for plant breeding and follow-up participatory breeding program
  • Increasing the production and distribution of identified cassava genotypes in Zambia, Tanzania, Mozambique and Malawi
  • Enhancing regional food and nutrition security and food safety
  • Strengthening gender sensitive livelihood diversification options in rural areas through the development of effective and functional market information systems by linking up with Agribusinesses in Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia seeking cassava intermediate raw materials i.e. starch, high quality flour.