Cassava Transformation in Southeastern Africa

A warm welcome to our CATISA website, Cassava Transformation in Southeastern Africa. This development-oriented research project focuses on the commercialization of cassava production in four countries:

  • Malawi
  • Mozambique
  • Tanzania
  • Zambia

Cassava commercialization offers high potential for improving food security in drought-prone areas of the region. In West Africa, a combination of improved cassava processing and food preparation methods with planting of high-yielding varieties, namely the TMS (Tropical Manioc Selection) triggered a surge in the cassava transformation from a rural food staple to a cash crop produced and processed into convenient food products for rural and urban consumption. As a result, real prices of cassava relative to competing staples declined thereby improving food security for both rural and urban populations while expanding employment opportunities in cassava production, processing and marketing.

Based on a value chain approach and a comparative regional perspective, the proposed project will examine the cassava transformation as it begins to unfold in Southeastern Africa.

The project aims to provide proactive research for development initiatives addressing the chronic and transient food crisis situation in Southeastern Africa.